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It starts

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<b><big><fontface=veranda>Link awoke from a deep sleep to a loud banging noise. <COLOR=green>"What the?"</COLOR> The noise happened again. it was like something trying to break down the door. He could hear a voice way far off screaming through the storm <COLOR=Purple>"Put your backs into it! I want this door down!"</COLOR> he had heard that voice before. He grabbed his sword and sheild and walked out of the chambers. Zelda came running down the stairs <COLOR=blue>"Link! what is going on my love?"</COLOR> <COLOR=green> “you go and get the guards I will take care of this!”</COLOR> Link ran to the top of the tallest tower and pulled out a light arrow. He stared down aiming and let his jaw drop in amazement. 20 moblins, all holding on to this large battering ram that was smashing into the door to the castle. Link pulled back the bow and let fire a spray of light arrows. He hit a moblin that then turned to dust with the light power. Link then fired a shot at the battering ram. The light spread all through it and killed all of the moblins touching it. Gannondorf stared in amazement he then looked up and saw link. He growled <COLOR=purple> “GET HIM” </COLOR> suddenly Gerduos jumped out of no where and began to scale the wall <COLOR=red>”Stop them!”</COLOR> The guards came rummaging through the door and jumping onto the gerduo and beating them up. Zelda came out too. <COLOR=green>”Zelda!”</COLOR> Suddenly a large ball of purple light blew into The castle where Zelda was standing and she was turned to dust <COLOR=green>”NOOOOOOOOOOOO!”</COLOR> <COLOR=purple> Muhah ha ha ha! </COLOR> Gannondorf then let a purple ball fly into the sky and it vaporized Link. Link awoke in a cold sweat. <COLOR=blue> “hmm… what’s wrong hunny?” </COLOR> <COLOR=green> “Oh… umm… Nothing, go back to bed dear.” </COLOR> Zelda rolled over and link stared out the window at the night sky <COLOR=green> * What a strange dream… what does it mean? What does it mean!? * and with that, he went back to sleep.</b></big></font>
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